Sunday, February 26, 2012


just got fitted for my bike that i'll be riding cross country! now we just play the waiting game for it to arrive and i can start tearing up the mean streets of boston in my spandex padded shorts. get excited.

as i was driving to the bike shop, this was right next door. how appropriate.

Monday, February 13, 2012

the first of many

Have you ever had the feeling as soon as you see something that it is something you need? That is the feeling I had when I first found out about the 4K.

Throughout college, I had toyed with the idea of doing a different cross country bike ride (Bike and Build, which supports Habitat for Humanity and affordable housing), but I wasn't passionate enough about the cause to sacrifice an entire summer that I could spend building my resume and working towards a dual degree.

Then last November, I stumbled upon a friend's profile on Facebook and wondered what could have been the inspiration for all of these crazy biking pictures I was looking at. Within the first few minutes on the 4K for Cancer website, I was already writing my application in my head.

To some people I know, the decision to take the summer off to bike across the country for charity may seem like it came out of left field and maybe even a little reckless. I mean, I have a great full-time job, working in the field I went to college for, with a group of amazing and passionate people. Why would I ever give that up? Well, the answer is that I would only give that up to do something that I feel is incredibly important with another group of people who are just as amazing and passionate. What better way to flex that hospitality muscle than travel across the country, interacting with all different types of people and communities along the way?

Welcome to my blog documenting my 4K for Cancer trip from Baltimore, MD to Portland, OR.
I absolutely cannot wait to share my experience with you all as I ride across the country this summer spreading the 4K for Cancer mission.